Pakistan, known for its fertile land, is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of rice. Amongst the prominent rice suppliers in Pakistan are Taj Food (Pvt.) Ltd. and AKC Commodities, Inc. Both companies have been making strides in the global market, putting Pakistan on the map for high-quality rice supplies.

The Role of Rice Suppliers in Pakistan

Rice is a staple food and a major agricultural commodity in Pakistan. It serves as an essential dietary source, providing up to 20% of the world’s dietary energy supply. With this in mind, rice suppliers in Pakistan have a significant role in meeting the world’s rice demand.

Taj Food (Pvt.) Ltd: A Case Study

Taj Food (Pvt.) Ltd., a family-owned company, has emerged as one of the leading rice suppliers in Pakistan. With a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, Taj Food has built a reputation that extends beyond the country’s borders.

The Journey of Taj Food

Starting in the early 90s, Taj Food began with a mission to bring healthy Pakistani food products to the global market. Today, the company processes organic rice, dried fruits, and sesame seeds, working across the entire supply chain, from the farm to the consumer.

Taj Food’s Commitment to Organic Farming

Taj Food is proud to be the first organic-certified manufacturer in Pakistan, boasting IFS, Fairtrade, and Sedex certifications. The company’s commitment to organic farming has led to the production of high-quality and healthy grains while upholding the highest level of integrity.

Sustainability Efforts by Rice Suppliers in Pakistan

In response to growing environmental concerns, rice suppliers in Pakistan, including Taj Food, And Earths Promise, are taking steps towards sustainable farming. Such initiatives include dry cultivation and controlled water irrigation, which aim to decrease pollution and conserve water.

Low Arsenic and Aflatoxin Levels

Taj Food has also been successful in supplying long grain rice and round-grain rice with low arsenic and aflatoxin levels. These efforts highlight the company’s commitment to producing high-quality rice and ensuring consumers’ safety and health.

Brown Rice in Pakistan

Brown rice, a healthier alternative to white rice, has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. As one of the leading rice traders in Pakistan, Taj Food offers brown rice that is husked, cleaned, and sorted, but not polished, ensuring it retains more vitamins than white rice.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice in Pakistan has a lower glycemic index than most other grains of rice, allowing it to digest at a higher rate. This feature makes it an ideal choice for those aiming for a healthier diet or those with diabetes.

Basmati Rice: A Crown Jewel

Basmati rice, known as the “queen of fragrance,” is world-renowned for its exquisite fragrance, fine curved kernels, and silky aroma. The best basmati rice is grown in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, thanks to the geographical position and special weather conditions.

Varieties of Basmati Rice

Taj Food offers Super Basmati Rice in various forms:

  1. White Basmati Rice
  2. Brown Basmati Rice
  3. Parboiled Basmati Rice
  4. Steamed Basmati Rice

Each variety has its unique characteristics and benefits, catering to different consumer preferences.


The rice suppliers in Pakistan play a crucial role in the global rice market. Companies like Taj Food supply high-quality rice to the world and pave the way for sustainable and responsible farming practices. As consumers become more conscious about their food choices, the demand for organic and healthy products is expected to grow, and Pakistani rice suppliers are well-positioned to meet this demand.


Q1: Who are the leading rice suppliers in Pakistan?

A1: Taj Food (Pvt.) Ltd. and AKC Commodities, Inc. are among the leading rice suppliers in Pakistan.

Q2: What are the different types of rice offered by Taj Food?

A2: Taj Food offers various types of rice, including white and brown basmati rice, parboiled rice, and steamed rice.

Q3: What sustainability efforts are being made by rice suppliers in Pakistan?

A3: Rice suppliers in Pakistan, including Taj Food, are implementing sustainability efforts such as dry cultivation and controlled water irrigation to decrease pollution and conserve water.

“Good Food. Organic Farming. Real Taste.” – Taj Food