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Long grain rice kernels are three times longer than normal rice which makes them 6mm wider. They are wide what means that are more than 6 mm. When cooked, this grain is light in weight and separates easily. It is sought to be the cheapest variety of rice. Long-grain rice has the most amounts of amylose and the smallest amount of amylopectin, so it has a susceptibility to be the fluffiest and least sticky. Amylose also hardens more when is fresh, combining strongly together and forming crystals that melt when the rice is reheated. Rice that is high in amylose has a lower Glycerin index number.

Taj Food (Pvt.) Ltd. offers Long Grain Rice with low levels of Inorganic Arsenic:

White Whole Grain

It is defined as that form of rice whose husk and bran have been removed completely during the milling process. Because the white rice undergoes this process, it is also known as polished rice. It contains fewer amounts of niacin, thiamin, magnesium, zinc, iron, and fiber than brown rice.

100% White Broken Grain

Found through processing and milling, White Broken are used for manufacturing purposes such as Flour, Starch, Protein, & Syrups.

Brown Whole Grain

Brown form means the rice has been husked, graded, cleaned, sorted but not gone through the polisher. This kind of rice is hard to cook but has more vitamins than white rice because of having 8% bran layers on the top. It remains short after cooking, the outer bran layers of rice do not allow it to elongates compare to the white form of rice. Brown Rice is recommended for those who are aiming for a healthier diet and especially for those with diabetes.

Parboiled Whole Grain

It is easy to cook. It is an ancient way to boil the paddy to obtain parboil rice. Parboil rice color is like creamy, golden, Natural because during the paddy boiling, rice absorbs the husk color.

Flour – White, Brown

Milled to flour. For bakery and industrial use.

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