Low Arsenic Rice

Arsenic, also known as ‘AS’ – 33/74.922, is a heavy metal that is naturally found in our grown foods. Contamination can occur through soil or water. Rice is one of the few agricultural products that have shown dangerous levels of arsenic and inorganic arsenic.

The effects of high levels intake of Arsenic are:

  1. Neurological Impairment
  2. Hypertension
  3. Heart Attack
  4. Kidney Cancer
  5. Bladder Cancer
  6. Increased infant mortality
  7. Reduced birth weight

These were some few health hazards that are associated with arsenic. It is why the FDA (Food Drug Administration) has now put regulations into rice arsenic content for baby foods, 100 PPB (Parts per billion).

Taj Food (Pvt.) Ltd. has sourced rice that inherent low levels of arsenic with levels as low as 40 PPB. Our sourcing team has taken responsibility of locating farms where the arsenic levels in the water and soil are low. It is important that we intake the safest foods to live a healthy lifestyle. Taj Food can offer and stand by the safest products supplied.

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